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Length of the route: 64 km
Difference in altitude: 194 m

Route 4Žakanje

The most characteristic natural feature of the municipality of Žakanje is the river Kupa which hugs the landscape from Stankovci to Bubnjarci. The Kupa river is clean and abounds in fish: European catfish, carp, pike, barbel, the Danube roach and other freshwater species.

The course of the Kupa that flows through the Žakanje municipality features twelve beautiful falls. At some of these natural phenomena old  water-mills can be seen. Of the twelve falls, four have been recently improved: Sračak, Pravutina, Mišinci, and Bubnjarci.

During the summer the Kupa provides the pleasure of swimming at wellmaintained river beaches, especially the Pravutina, Jurovo, and Bubnjarci beaches.

Ascending the gentle slope in the first section of the trail through the villages along the Kupa you will reach the Kupa canyon, and then proceeding through a wooded area and downhill you will reach Netretići. The second part of the trail passes a hilly region through Ozalj in the direction of Kamanje.

The first portion of the trail provides a pleasant ride through the villages along the Kupa. After a gentle ascent which gradually gets steeper at the village of Mošanci, you will get to a height of 300 meters above the river from where the view of the green canyon of the Kupa and the neighbouring Slovenia can be seen.

Riding along the slopes of the Lipnik through villages and hamlets, you will pass Rosopajnik, and then a descending path will take you to the cross-roads leading to Netretić. A wide, slightly ascending road will take you to Netretić, from where the ride continues in the direction of Modruš near an old 19th-century manor. After passing Tomašnica, you take the Trail No. 1 to Jaškovo, and then from Jaškovo to M. Erjavec, continuing in the direction of Ozalj. A few kilometres away from M. Erjavec is the village of Svetice with the Pauline Monastery. An alternative route will take you to the monastery from where you can reach Netretić or Karlovac across Ribnik. On passing Ozalj, the landscape changes to woods and hills where the route runs through villages to Kamanje. In Kamanje you should visit the Vrlovka cave. From Kamanje the trail leads to Bubnjarački Brod with a border crossing. Here you can find many restaurants and shops.