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Length of the route: 85 km
Difference in altitude: 580 m

Route 8Sabljaci,Klek

The Sabljaci Lake is located a few kilometres away from the town of Ogulin and is a favourite destination for day trips of the local population. The lake banks provide plenty of opportunities for active holidays. At the town of Ribarići there is a Bike Park that is connected to local mountain routes to complement activities related to bicycle rides.

The Bjelolasica, the highest mountain of Gorski kotar, is located within the Velika Kapela range with the summit Kula (1534 m), the mountain Klek (1182 m), and the strict nature reserves: Bijele stijene (1335 m) and Samarske stijene (1302 m). The name Bjelolasica derives from the mountain’s narrow, whitish ridge rising above a wooded belt, especially impressive when covered in snow.

Seven kilometres long, with very steep slopes, the Bjelolasica abounds in spacious and thick forests streaked with limestone rocks and large meadows with a network of forest paths and roads linking them into a unique kaleidoscope of woods and clearings which give an unforgettable experience to lovers of nature, rambling, cycling and other activities.

The first portion of the route includes a ride along the Sabljaci Lake, followed by an ascent to Modruč and the Mala Kapela pass. On
arriving to Jasenak you will be able to explore a large portion of the Bjelolasica, and a ride along the foothills of the Klek Mountain
will take you back to Ogulin.
The first portion of the route runs from the town centre of Ogulin to the Sabljaci Lake. To cyclists who are not too fond of steep ascents, we recommend a ride along the lake, possibly to the village of Ivanec and the Šmitovo Lake on a return route to Ogulin.

Although quite demanding, the ascent from the Sabljaci Lake towards Modruš and exit to road with a moderately heavy traffic via Mala Kapela is worth for the exceptional experience of mountain rides it provides. Following the descent to the town of Jezerane, a ride towards Jasenak will take you through a wooded, sparsely populated landscape along an easy road with sparse traffic. In Jasenak you may ride the local bicycle trails or visit the Croatian Olympic Centre Bjelolasica (only 4 kilometres off the route). An alternative route is the one leading through a forest to Modruš. If you decide to take this route be sure not to miss the Kujina draga bottomless caves, a favourite haunt of speleologist. Near the village of Bjelsko there is also a local MTB track for a ride around the Klek Mountain (1181 m). The mountain’s unusual shape became the source of many folk legends about a sleeping giant and the meetings of witches, fairies and elves from all around the world during stormy nights. Passing through Bjelsko, the broadleaf and coniferous forests will in places move their green foliage to afford a view of the
Klek. From Jasenak the Rudolfina road will take you to the outskirts of Ogulin near the village of Puškarići, where you can find a place for relaxation and refreshment at an old water-mill on the river Dobra before returning to the town.