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Length of the route: 114 km
Difference in altitude: 524 m

Route 9Rakovica,Saborsko

Rakovica is located along the edge of the Plitvička Jezera National Park. Running through Rakovica is an artery road from Zagreb via Karlovac and Plitvice Lakes to the Adriatic Sea with a branch road to Bihać. The town of Rakovica developed in the medieval era, while the nearby Frankopan town of Drežnik dates back to the 11th century. At the time of Turkish conquests Drežnik was a very important defence stronghold that was several times conquered, demolished and then rebuilt again. The fortress ruins are today a protected monument of culture. Beneath the town, at the banks of the Korana, a water-mill has been renovated and an educational trail opened.

Saborsko is a mountain village nestling in a long, narrow and bending depression and is probably the longest village in Croatia. From the entrance at Plaško to the end of the Sertić-Poljane hamlet, Saborsko is 12 km long. A quarter of its area is part of the Plitvice Lakes National Park. Worth visiting is the Čorkova uvala primeval forest with upright dry and broken trees and dead trees lying on the ground in different stages of decomposition exposed to the tooth of time without any human influence. From Saborsko a forest road leads through Čorkova uvala to the Kozjak lake.

The first part of the trail leads through the Plitvice Lakes National Park, and also passes through the primeval forest of the Čorkova uvala. The ascent is worth the effort for the breathtaking view of the Plitvice Lakes. On the second part of the route your journey is continued via the village of Plaški to Josipdol. The local road across the Mrežnica river to Slunj is intended for true lovers of the peacefulness that you can enjoy while riding through the nature.

From the town centre of Rakovice the route continues along a very busy road to a point were the road branches towards the village of Poljanak. Here the ride can be continued on a local path leading to Saborsko via Sertić Poljana and Čorkova uvala, or you can stick to the asphalt-paved road and continue the ride by ascending the gentle slope towards Saborsko. Since a major part of the area you will be riding through is a protected natural environment with breathtaking views of mountain plateaus opening along the trail, you will feel as if you were in some prehistoric movie. Arriving above the Kozjak lake you will see a splendid vista of a blue-green jewel. Upon reaching Saborsko, the route runs to Plaška Valley and further on to the town of Josipdol. From Josipdol all the way to the entrance to the village of Tounj and the access to the local road leading to the village of Kamenica Skradnička, extra care is needed because of the heavy traffic. The ride to the town of Slunj with a rather sharp downhill to the bridge across the Mrežnica, followed by a steep, though not too long, ascent will award you with a magnificent view of the canyon. From Slunj all the way to Rakovica the road traffic gets heavier so you should be extra careful. In Rakovica there is a number of local bicycle trails and routes which provide a special experience and an opportunity to explore the nature. A feature not to be missed is Baraćeve Caves.