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Length of the route: 71 km
Difference in altitude: 319 m

Route 11Petrova Gora

Petrova gora is a unique forest eco-system of great stability and permanence. This massif is a unique habitat of a large number of plant and animal species. Petrova gora is the home of the King’s Grave – according to legend, the grave of the last king of Croatian descent Petar Svačić who was killed in a clash with the Hungarian king Coloman for the Croatian throne in 1097. Petrova gora is also known as the location of the first Partisan hospital which operated undiscovered for almost four years until liberation - a phenomenon of a sort of the war of national liberation (1941-1944).

Today, standing in the vicinity in the very heart of Petrova gora is the hunters lodge "Muljava" which got its name after the locality which has been called Muljava since ancient times because of the mud (mulj) deposited at the confluence of two streams, Velika Radonja and Mala Radonja. Today this is the site of an opentype hunters lodge that is fitted with all the modern amenities and in a beautiful forest setting provides a wide selection of gastronomic specialties and comfortable rooms along with a host of other facilities.

A ride along this route evokes the past and the difficult war years, and yet you will be delighted with the lively present of the local  population, their hospitality and readiness to let you in on the details of history.

Turanj, only a few kilometres away from the city centre of Karlovac, is today known for the severe destruction it suffered during the recent war of independence. Riding through the village, to your right you will see the building of the future museum of the Croatian war of independence where you can learn about Croatia’s recent history. The ride along this road to the village of Tušilović requires extra care because of the heavy car traffic in the summer season. After passing Tušilović and turning in the direction of Vojnić, the ride continues along an easy local road which follows the course of the river Radonja all the way to the Petrova gora Tourist Centre where you can make a relaxing stop amid a beautiful forest setting or sample some of the gastronomic delights offered at the Muljava Hunters Lodge.

In the second section of the route, the ride through villages and hamlets from Vojnić to Turanj gives you an impression of travelling in a time machine
because in places it seems as if no human has ever tread here before.