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Length of the route: 33 km
Difference in altitude: 351 m

Route 3Ozalj

Nestling on a limestone cliff above the tranquil, crystalline waters of the Kupa is the old town of Zrinski and Frankopan – a hallmark of Ozalj and the heart of the town’s historical development. Uncovered in the town’s surroundings and within its walls are archaeological finds from the prehistoric, ancient and the mediaeval periods, however, the town is first mentioned in historic records in 1244.

The old town of Ozalj is a first category monument housing the rich collections of the Ozalj Regional Museum. The Ozalj surroundings are scattered with small villages, of which the oldest – Vivodine – lies on the ridge of a hill providing a magnificent view to the left and right of dense forests, deep valleys, scattered hamlets and vineyard-covered hills. The village landscape is dominated by the high bell-tower of the Parish Church of St. Lawrence, the most valuable example of Baroque architecture of the region.

A ride through the hill-top villages of the Žumberak Nature Park allows you to enjoy a panoramic view of the surroundings, with the most beautiful view offered by Lović Prekriški. Upon crossing the bridge over the Kupa in Ozalj you will sight the Munjara.

From the centre of Ozalj, we are climbing towards the Old Town, which belongs to the first monument category, and was unofficially the Croatian capital in the 17th century, the period of rule of Vice-Roy Petar Zrinski. In the Old Town you should certainly see the opulent county collection. After the initial ascents, there starts an easier ride along the Kupa River towards the village of Kamanja, where we cross the Kupa River and enter the woods and the Žumberak Nature Park. The ride in this part will require frequent changes of rhythm.

Ascent will be followed by descent, all the way back to Ozalj. The longest ascent is towards the village of Vivodina. All that effort is awarded with the view of the green hills of the winegrowing area. The steepest ascent, with the most beautiful panoramic view, is on the way
to the St. Cross Church in Lović Prekriški. If you have not visited Lović Prekriški, you have not seen the Croatian homeland!, said D. Trstenjak, a poet. Having passed the villages of Ferenci and Škaljevica, you arrive at Vrhovac, and after Vrhovac you descend through Zaječko selo towards the bridge on the Kupa. You will first see the stone building of Munjara. It was built in 1908, and has been used as a hydro-electric power plant. The old town of Ozalj is on the other side.