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Length of the route: 46 km
Difference in altitude: 235 m

Route 7Ogulin

At the very centre of Ogulin, towering above a precipice of the river Dobra – the Đulin Ponor – is the Frankopan fortress dating back to around 1500. The town was founded by Bernardin Frankopan, one of the most powerful nobles of the time. Today the fortress houses the Regional Museum which was opened in 1967.

The museum has several collections: archaeological and ethnographical collections, a collection of old weapons, Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić memorial room, a mountaineering and alpine collection, and a picture exhibition by the painter Stjepan Galetić, born in Ogulin, who donated some 200 of his works to the Museum.

The fortress courtyard is a regular venue for the Fairy Tale Festival, and also the starting point for the Cyclo Fairy Tale. With its cultural and tourist offer the town will meet the expectations of even the most demanding cyclotourists.

The most beautiful view of Ogulin and the surroundings can be experienced after rising an elevation on the first part of the trail. Upon  crossing the river Dobra, the second section of the route will take you through villages to Ogulin, which is entered through a perfect avenue of trees, from the direction of Oštarije.

In the centre of Ogulin, there is Đula’s abyss, known for the legend of Đula or Zulejka who, unhappy in love, threw herself into the abyss of the Dobra River. The earliest records refer to Ogulin as Zulum grad (Zulum Town) or Julin grad (Jula’s Town), so that we start our ride at the very historical root of today’s town. After the ascent, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the whole town with the surroundings
and the Klek Mountain above the town. As the road takes you through the village of Trošmarije and along the Dobra River and the  high-road, you ride in the hilly area towards the village of Tounj. Tounj is on the Jozefina road, and is famous for the two-storey stone
bridge across the Tounjčica River, which was built in two phases and is unique for its construction and shape. The route will provide you with a pleasant ride and take you to the Ogulin field, which is one of the largest karst fields in Croatia. On the way back, you can not miss the Marmont’s stone bridge in Oštarije and the Sabljaci Lake, where you will find the city has a rich cultural and historical heritage.