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Length of the route: 39 km
Difference in altitude: 126 m

Route 5Neretić

As well as being ideal for walks and enjoying the beautiful scenery, the whole of the Netretić region is dotted with beautiful examples of architecture. In Novigrad at the river Dobra you can visit the old town which is currently being restored, however, one of the town’s towers has been completed, and is worth visiting for its magnificent view of the Dobra valley.

At the foot of the Old Town is an old bridge which has preserved its original appearance which dates back to 1736, the time of construction of the Karolina road. If you ever get tired during summer rides, you can refresh yourself by swimming right under the bridge or at some of the countless beaches along the gentle banks of the Dobra river.

The town of Novigrad on the Banks of the Dobra was once called Crikveno Selo, the name still used today by the older inhabitants. The town developed in the vicinity of the old town of Novigrad that was built in 1193 on a cliff above the Dobra.

Following the route along the river Kupa, leading to the town of Bosiljevo, you will be able to enjoy the ride enveloped in the scent of fern. The return route partly follows the course of the Dobra where you will be able to see the ruins of the old town.

Starting from the centre of Netretić, we are getting to a descent and an easy ascent towards Vukova Gorica, on a wide road which is not very busy. After Vukova Gorica, having passed under the high-road, we are entering the realm of fern and the picturesque place of Bosiljevo. Riding from Bosiljevo, we can see the architecture of the wellpreserved village wooden houses, to get to which we have to ride upwards and from them downwards, through green oases. Having met the Dobra River, we start riding upwards towards Netretić, via Brajakovo brdo.