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Length of the route: 39 km
Difference in altitude: 216 m

Route 1Karlovac

Built in the 16th century in the shape of a six-point star at the confluence of four rivers – the Korana, Kupa, Mrežnica, and Dobra, the Renaissance town of Karlovac developed into a Baroque town with numerous examples of the „folk Baroque“. However, the Karlovac Star has retained its attraction as a popular place for sightseeing and walks along the trenches. The name Karlovac (Carlstadt) derives from the town’s founder the Austrian Archduke Karl von Habsburg.

Karlovac lies in central Croatia 56 km south-west of Zagreb and 130 km east of Rijeka. It is located at the Dinara Mountain fringes of the Pannonian Plain where the hilly and mountainous area begins leading to the Mediterranean. The town is favourably located at a junction of road and rail routes between Zagreb and Rijeka and Split. Apart from countless parks and green spaces, a hallmark of Karlovac are its four rivers that flow through the town: the Korana, Kupa, Dobra, and Mrežnica.

This route takes you from the town centre of Karlovac through the suburban areas and villages to the banks of the river Dobra. The ride along the Dobra ends with a bridge crossing at Novigrad and continues through a hilly landscape to the old town of Dubovac.

Our ride starts in the old city of Karlovac, which is shaped as a regularsix-point star surrounded by medieval ditches. The city has one of the most beautiful Renaissance ground-plans and defence architecture. Later, Karlovac developed into a Baroque city with numerous examples of Folk Baroque, creating an atmosphere you would certainly enjoy. With the bridge on the Kupa River behind us, we pass through  suburban areas and villages surrounded by cultivated corn fields, and reach the village of Jaškovo. We start our approach to the Dobra River. At the Papalina Restaurant, you can cross the bridge and return to Karlovac, via the village of Zadobarje. We continue our ride on the narrow asphalt road, which is not heavily used. The road follows the Dobra River and leads us to Novigrad on Dobra where, after the old stone bridge, starts the ascent towards the fortress of the old town, with the renovated tower, which also serves as a belvedere. From the belvedere, we can see the Dobra River curving through the green surroundings. The ride in the hilly area through hamlets and villages will be especially pleasant to every nature lover. After the village of Vučjak, there starts a steeper descent towards the 13th-century fortress of Dubovac, situated on a hill just above the city. From one of its towers you can see almost the whole city, to which you are returning.