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Length of the route: 63 km
Difference in altitude: 116 m

Route 6Duga Resa

Lying at the foot of the Vinica hill (321 m) on the banks of Croatia’s blue-green beauty – the river Mrežnica, Duga Resa is noted for its exceptionally beautiful natural surroundings.

The Vinica hill with the Tušmer promenade offers opportunities for pleasant walks or bicycle rides along the Mrežnica and up the elevations of Vinica.

With its colour, clean waters, travertine barriers, cascades, rapids, and falls the river Mrežnica attracts many bathers, anglers and other lovers of river sports.

In the wine-growing surroundings of Duga Resa new vineyards are being developed thus widening the offer of quality wines on the

future wine route. In this serene and charming town set in a pristine natural environment you can find pleasant accommodation and engage in various sports and recreation activities as well as enjoy a wide selection of home-made local specialties prepared by recognized chefs.

Riding through the villages and along the banks of the river Korana, you will pass through a wooded area just before reaching Generalski Stol. The second section of the trail follows the course of the river Mrežnica which is known for its clear waters and the numerous falls
along the river’s entire length, before returning to Duga Resa.

Starting from the Duga Resa Hotel, we ride through the centre, across the bridge on the Mrežnica River, towards Belajske Poljice. On the local road, which is rarely used by motor vehicles, you will enjoy the woods and fields taking turns, accompanied by quails. Along the Korana River, you will feel the breath of untouched nature, and after the village of Perjasica, the wood will scatter butterflies all over you.

In Mateško Selo, there is the little church of St. George you should certainly see because the walls rise from foundations made of covers and parts of sarcophaguses (this probably used to be the Roman Empire’s centre of sarcophagus production). Passing through Generalski Stol, we are riding on the main road, which was constructed by the Austrian government 225 years ago and called Jozefina. Although it is today a modern road, people still use the old name given to it by its constructors. From the Jozefina road, we turn right and cross the Mrežnica  River, to the ascent towards Bukovlje. At Mrežnički Brig, we reach the Mrežnica River bank and follow the river flow until Duga Resa.