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Length of the route: 57 km
Difference in altitude: 25 m

Route 2Draganić

This gently rolling landscape offers your ample possibilities for walks, accommodation, and different leisure activities. The western, hilly part is dotted with vineyards, vineyard huts, holiday homes, and churches, with marked cycling paths available since recently. The central, settled area abounds in various catering facilities. The fish pond and other waters are suitable for fishing.

The valley is covered with centuries-old forests of mostly common oak. Here you can pursue activities such as hunting and mushroom picking. By far the most beautiful view of Draganić is from the Piramida hill. Although not too high (220 m), the hill’s shape and position is such that it commands a splendid view of the whole of Draganić and its surroundings.

The first section of the trail runs through the Draganić Forest to the fish pond, while the second section follows the course of the river Kupa to the town of Ozalj. The return route passes through the Cardinals’ Valley (Dolina Kardinala) along golf courses and waterside villages.

Starting from the centre of the village of Draganić, via the village of Lazina and across the high-road, we enter the “realm of silence” in the lowland woods. The route is easy and we recommend it to less experienced bicyclists. The ride on the macadam road surrounded by twittering birds and sometimes accompanied by does, brings us back to nature in the best possible way. You will cross the channels connecting rivers and the Draganić fish-pond, where you will be surprised by storks and wild ducks. The second part of the route shows you the life style of the people living along the Kupa River. After G. Pokupje, the road almost touches the river, and sometimes it is  separated from it by cultivated fields and hamlets, where you can meet local people. Having crossed the Kupa River in Ozalj, you return to Draganić along the opposite river bank. The view of the river will sometimes be obstructed by the unique golf-courses in the Valley of Cardinals, but a bit later you will be able to see the road traversed.