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Bikers are welcome !

Each route provides a unique experience complemented with an exceptional food offer – a wide selection of dishes at more than affordable prices.

You may sample the local cuisine while enjoying a view of a river and numerous cascades or a tranquil lake. You will be able to experience a wealth of cultural and historic attractions and legends, while being provided an abundance of accommodation options, including «Bike&Bed» and cycling hotels in many places, services and shops.

Riding through this area you will feel a welcoming environment with every turn of the bicycle pedal. Bicycle is here a traditional means of transport and with a network of highways having freed up national and local roads from the car traffic, the use of bicycles has become both safer and more pleasant. When asking a farm owner for some water, you will probably be offered refreshments of food or home-made brandy with a welcoming smile. Whether you are planning a weekend ride or an active holiday, the Karlovac County is a destination not to be missed – you will be rewarded for your visit by a genuine experience of nature and a warm welcome of the local people.